DLP and LCOS projection technology

Release Date: 2015-01-12 Source: http://www.thevtec.com

Technology is a reflection of DLP projectors projection technology. Reflex DMD device application, DLP projector has reflected advantage, in contrast ratio and uniformity is very good, high image resolution, image uniform, sharp color, and image noise disappear, picture quality is stable and accurate digital images can be continuously, and enduring.

Because ordinary DLP projector with a piece of DMD chips, one of the most obvious advantage is small, the projector can be done very compact. Now on the market all the miniature is DLP projector type under 1.5 kg, most of the LCD projector more than 2.5 kg.



Another advantage of the DLP projector is image smooth, big difference. These video advantages make it a home theater preferred varieties in the world. Have higher contrast, now, most of the DLP projector contrast can do 600:1 to 800:1, between the low price also can amount to 450:1. LCD projector contrast in 400:1, near the low price of only 250:1. Picture sense of visual impact is strong, and no pixel structure, the natural image.

A further advantage of DLP projector is particles are weak. In SVGA resolution (800 x 600) format, DLP projector pixel structure is weaker than the LCD, as long as the relative visual distance and projection image resize to fit, already can't see pixel structure.

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